Translator Request System

The Translator Request System is designed and developed for the user who is actively stuck with the translation of language to complete the work. The main purpose of this app is to make translation easy for everyone from any language to another language.


How the App Function

Users need to register first from power mobile app to utilize this application. This app has 3 types of user One who need translator and 2nd translators and 3rd Admin. The process starts once the user submits the request form for translators. Then Translators see the requests and Claim for the job they are interested in. The final approval is managed by admin and then the admin has to login first in order to get the list that was claimed by the translators. Now, admin has the right to approve or reject the form to generate the final list with status “Yes” or “No”.

Admin Roles and Authorization

Admins have full access to all features and control over every setting within an APP. Admins can do what the other roles can, plus the following:


  • Create/delete projects

  • Add/remove project maintainers

  • Invite people of all roles

  • Create and delete teams

  • Assign projects to different teams

  • Access reports

  • Order translations

  • Manage/change an organization's subscription

  • Create/delete glossaries

  • Create/delete style guides

  • Change organization-level settings such as Translation Memory and Glossary sharing

  • Transfer projects to another organization

  • Archive projects

  • Delete an organization

  • Add/remove tags


Integrated with Different Connectors

Translator Request System for Microsoft PowerApps is fully integrated with SharePoint. You can use anyone from SharePoint, MSSQL, MS Excel or One Drive as a data source. The synchronization of real time data between all the modules handle by the Power Apps automatically. Some of the reports are created. We can also provide the reports on demand as per requirement


Purchase and Deployment

You have three options:

  • Option 1:

    You can go for in built Translator Request System provided by PowerApps but it will be available for limited time period with limited features.

  • Option 2:

    You can buy a Translator Request System which have broad features.

  • Option 3:

    You can go for monthly subscription. As per requirement you can subscribe on monthly basis. It has also broad features.

Note: Option 2 or Option 3 is best option for everyone.

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