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It is well known businesses are data-driven today. But question is how to manage and manipulate the survey with the data we collected and answer for the same is Survey App. Survey APP is a powerful tool for collecting data. Surveys APP can reduce the risk of introducing new products and features. The moto behind to design and develop the Survey App is to create Survey and also to collect the responses of the users related to that Survey. The Survey can be created as well as its responses can be collected via smartphones and tablets.

Admin's Roll in Survey App

Admin can create a survey, add and delete the questions related to survey, Admin can also add answers related to that survey as well as can make modification or delete the Survey. Now admin can see all the user’s opinion in the form of percentage for a particular Survey.


Types of Question Include

You can allow users to choose question and answer types when they design surveys. The most commonly used question types include:

  • Multiple answers-

    These questions are represented as checkboxes that allow users to choose multiple answers from a list. The list can also include an option of “other” to let users type in their own answers.

  • Single answer-

    This type of question usually uses a radio button that allows users to choose a single answer from a list mentioned. This list can also include an “other” option.

  • Rating scale-

    These questions provide a scale range – from 0 to 10, for example. A users can select the number that represents their answer.

  • Drop-down lists-

    Drop-down lists are lists of potential answers. They allow users to choose a single answer quickly.


Features of Survey APPs and Why do Businesses Need Them?

Survey APP is a platform where companies can design and manage electronic surveys. These platforms based on survey attract respondents and collect and analyze survey results.

Through this software you can customized questionnaires. You can choose types of questions and modify surveys according to needs. You can create a survey based on your requirement. Below are few common requirements required by the people:

  • Market research-

    It is universal truth before launching any product or services you have to understand or analyze the market or typically use surveys to find out if there’s demand for a product or service. Survey APP makes your task easy; it helps you to create a survey based on the data provided by yourself.

  • Receive product feedback-

    Want to collect feedback of your product launched in the market, with surveys app, you can analyze user’s behavior of products like which features of product like the most.

  • Track customer satisfaction

    You can connect with your customers and get feedback. About the product or services.

  • Learn pricing sensitivities

    Deciding the right price for a product or service isn’t easy. The price should be high enough so that the company makes a profit. At the same time, the price should be low enough to attract customers. Businesses – especially small ones. You can set a moderate price based on the survey.


Types of Survey Results:

Survey APP allows customers to view survey results in a few different ways:

  • A question summary

    It shows response counts and percentages for all close-ended questions, weighted averages, open-ended comments, and dynamic charts.

  • Data trends

    It shows how response data changes over time on regular basis. This is useful for surveys that are held regularly.

  • The individual responses

    It shows each respondent’s individual answer set.

Integrated with Different Connectors

Survey APP for Microsoft PowerApps is fully integrated with SharePoint. You can use anyone from SharePoint, MSSQL, MS Excel or One Drive as a data source. The synchronization of real time data between all the modules handle by the Power Apps automatically. Some of the reports are created. We can also provide the reports on demand as per requirement.


Purchase and Deployment

You have three option:

  • Option 1:

    You can go for in built Survey APP provided by PowerApps but it will be available for limited time period with limited features

  • Option 2:

    You can buy a Survey APP which have broad features.

  • Option 3:

    You can go for monthly subscription. As per requirement you can subscribe on monthly basis. It has also broad features.

Note: Option 2 or Option 3 is best option for everyone.

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