Purchase Order Requisition

The Power Extension Purchase Order Requisition is designed and developed for your employees to apply for orders like Desktop, Laptop etc. These orders can be applied via smartphone, Tablet on power App mobile app.

This App has 6 level approval authentication process. Approval process starts once the user submit the requisition form. Request goes to Supervisor and if he/she approves it then it goes to further level of approval process. Each approver receives requests by email and can directly process the request through email approval .After that if request is approved by the all the approvers then user shall get the email of successful process of their orders.




  • Self-Services for Employees to place the order

  • A proper dashboard to see the applied orders and its status from different approvers.

  • Different approval processes out-of-the-box

  • Automatic calculation for item price

  • Easy to access dashboard where you can easily access everything related to employee in one go.

  • Admin can easily add, delete information related to employee

  • Approval process through automated workflow

  • Approver can also check the current status of requisition request on dashboard form.

Need of Purchase Order Requisition

Need of “Purchase Order Requisition” is define the functions play within businesses as they are critical in managing costs. With that important context about purchasing and procurement in mind, purchase requisitions and purchase orders are key documents for every companies that help to manage costs.


What is a purchase requisition?

The purchase requisition process generally starts with a purchase requisition or purchase request form, a document that is created by the purchaser and it is submitted to the department that controls finances. Consider this the part of the purchasing process where you get the thumbs up sign to purchase the goods and services you want. Here you’re not actually ordering anything; you’re getting the approval to do so. It serves as the first step in an efficient audit trail for purchasing.


What is a purchase order?

Purchase orders are issued by the purchasing department after a purchase requisition has been made and passed the approval process. Once the purchasing or procurement department has approved the purchase requisition and given you the figurative thumbs up to purchase your desired goods and services, it issues a purchase order to the vendor.


The Importance of a Purchase Requisition in a Business Organization

In any business organization, there is always the need for materials and equipment, these may be office supplies, machines and other orders like Desktop, Laptop etc.

Generally, it helps to prevent fraud and maintain proper record of purchase of goods. What is likely to happen when a business organization allows departmental head or managers to place orders directly with the suppliers? The answer is that there is a chance of fraud. To prevent this, purchase requisition play a vital role, it is often created to place the orders with the vendors and to oversee purchase requisition workflow. Within this department, there is a purchase requisition process in place to be followed to ensure that fraud is prevented, and the business organization gets value for its money.


6 level approval authentication process make secure

Details Can Include on Every Purchase Order Requisition:

Field Name Details
Name and Address of The Buyer and the Supplier XYZ
Delivery and Billing Address of the Buyer XYZ
Purchase Order Numberr XYZ
Issued Date and Delivery Dater XYZ
Item Details XYZ
Terms & Conditions XYZ


Integrated with Different Connectors

Purchase Order Requisition for Microsoft PowerApps is fully integrated with SharePoint. You can use anyone from SharePoint, MSSQL, MS Excel or One Drive as a data source. The synchronization of real time data between all the modules handle by the Power Apps automatically. Some of the reports are created. We can also provide the reports on demand as per requirement


Purchase and Deployment

You have three option:

  • Option 1:

    You can go for in built Purchase Order Requisition provided by PowerApps but it will be available for limited time period with limited features

  • Option 2:

    You can buy a Purchase Order Requisition which have broad features.

  • Option 3:

    You can go for monthly subscription. As per requirement you can subscribe on monthly basis. It has also broad features.

Note: Option 2 or Option 3 is best option for everyone

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