Employee Leave management system

The Power Extension Leave Management System is designed and developed for your employees to apply for leaves such as Sick leave, Casual Leave , Privilege Leave and Comp off as well. These leaves can be applied and approved as well via smartphone, Tablet on power App mobile app.

This App has two level approval authentication process. Level 1 approver (TL) receives leaves requests by email and can directly process the request on mobile app. All relevant information is displayed on a screen and with a further click the request is approved or rejected. After that if request is approved by the Level 1 approver (TL) then only it will be forwarded to the Level 2 approver (HR/Manager). Now the admin can login into the app as admin and can approve or reject the employees’ leaves.




  • Self-Services platform for everyone like Manager, Team Lead or HR

  • All types of leaves can apply easily like paid leaves, casual leaves or comp off

  • Easily accessible from mobile devices

  • Defined hierarchy-based approval processes

  • Easy to access dashboard where you can easily access everything related to employee in one go

  • Admin can easily add, delete information related to employee

  • Admin can approve/reject employee related to leaves

  • Allowing for tracking of vacation accrual as well as easy request and approval system for time off.

  • Fully integrated with Outlook Calendar as well as providing Single-sign on, and easy user upload from your Office 365 domain.

Who can avail these App?

HR Managers:

End Users:


Hassle Free Apply Leave Process

Integrated work makes the difference!

Leave Management System for Microsoft PowerApps is fully integrated with SharePoint. You can use anyone from SharePoint, MSSQL, MS Excel or One Drive as a backend. The synchronization of real time data between all the modules handle by the Power Apps automatically. Some of the reports are created. We can also provide the reports on demand as per requirement.


Purchase and Deployment

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Note: Option 2 or Option 3 is best option for everyone.

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